“Here’s the right book to point you to the authentic Jesus. Greg Monette sets forth the evidence with clarity and accuracy, making a wealth of scholarship accessible. If you want to separate facts from hype, this is an invaluable guide!”

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Lee Strobel – New York Times best selling author of The Case for Christ and the Case for Faith

“The Wrong Jesus rests upon solid, critical scholarship of the first order. Monette knows his stuff. He has given his readers a reliable guide through a territory that for many is an unknown country.”

Craig A. Evans – Payzant Distinguished professor of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College; author of From Jesus to the Church

“This book presents the concrete data – the hard historical evidence for the truth – that the Jesus of the New Testament and the Christian religion is the real Jesus. It is written to persuade unbelievers and doubters who want evidence, not just theology.”

Peter Kreeft – Professor of Philosophy, Boston College and the King’s College

“Jesus is a great headline grabber, yet sadly there are more Jesuses out there than BBQ restaurants in Texas. Amidst this proliferation of weird and wrong Jesuses, Greg Monette provides a solidly researched account of what Jesus was really like.”

Michael F. Bird – Lecturer in theology, Ridley Melbourne College of Mission and Ministry; author of Are You the One Who Is to Come?: The Historical Jesus and the Messianic Question.

“There is no faith easier to defend on an intellectual basis than Christianity. You will see why as you read and even enjoy the powerful defense Monette mounts in The Wrong Jesus.”

Paul L. Maier – Professor of ancient history, Western Michigan University; best-selling author.

“There are many questions floating around about Jesus today. The Wrong Jesus makes sense out of what people are hearing. Bring your questions and what you have heard about Jesus here. You will find much help.”

Darrell Bock – Senior research professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; author of Who Is Jesus?: Linking the Historical Jesus with the Christ of Faith.

“I commend The Wrong Jesus to those who desire solid answers to questions pertaining to the real Jesus.”

Michael R. Licona – Associate professor of theology, Houston Baptist University; author of The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach.

“I would have found this well-informed and well-argued book a great help when I went through my teenage doubts about the truth of Jesus and the Christian faith.”

David Wenham – Vice principal and tutor in New Testament, Trinity College, Bristol, England; author of Paul: Follower of Jesus or Founder of Christianity?

“The Wrong Jesus is a much-needed, accessible handbook that clears up contemporary confusion and caricatures about the historical Jesus.”

Paul Copan – Professor and pledger family chair of philosophy and ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University; author of Is God a Moral Monster?: Making Sense of the Old Testament God.

“The Wrong Jesus is the right book for our times. Monette knows the academic issues associated with the historical Jesus and the biblical gospels. This book delights even as it informs.”

Mark Roberts – PhD, author of Can We Trust the Gospels?

“Everybody seems to have an opinion about Jesus these days. But can we get beyond opinion to find out who Jesus really was? Greg Monette helps walk the reader through a wealth of evidence in order to navigate to an answer.”

Andy Bannister – PhD, adjunct research fellow, Melbourne School of Theology.

“Here is a spectacular post-modern apologetics for the many who are still nagged by questions about history, faith, and even the significance of Jesus.”

Edith M. Humphrey – Professor of New Testament, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary; author of Scripture and Tradition: What the Bible Really Says.

“Wonderfully well written for the confused, the cautious, and the convinced, the up-to-date scholarship will lead the reader to the right Jesus.”

Graham H. Twelftree – PhD, director of the PhD program, school of divinity, Regent University; author of Paul and the Miraculous.

“It’s quite refreshing to see a book in the ‘apologetics’ category that’s honest about the challenges we have in reconstructing the life of the historical Jesus. Kudos to Greg Monette for writing this book.”

Tony Jones – PhD, Theologian-in-residence at Solomon’s Porch

“This well-written volume is a quick and absolutely fascinating read, even for those who are up-to-date on historical Jesus studies. I recommend it highly.”

Gary R. Habermas – Distinguished research professor and chair, dept. of philosophy and theological seminary, Liberty University

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